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If you have a question you want answered, just reach out through my website or send me a message through Facebook. I aim to be very responsive and often look to fans and followers for the content of future videos. So if you have a question want answered, ask me, and it...

This past week the announcement was made that Secret Service Director “Tex” Alles was given the boot after two years on the job. The narrative by mainstream media is that this is part of President Trump’s Department of Homeland Security “shakeup.” This latest ouster of...

There are two narratives in the media regarding the biggest scandal of our lifetime or perhaps in all of American history. Depending on the media outlets you subscribe to, the left calls this the “Russian-Trump Collusion Scandal” and, well, what after all should the re...

 Above photo from Fox News article Jussie Smollett says he's 'pissed off' after alleged attack in Chicago by Nicole Darrah of Fox News. Below photo credit to Lee Celano, Reuters / Landov

1) Real crimes will receive less police and city attention because of re-alloc...

I want to be clear about my background before my commentary on this week long bombscare that’s gripping the nation: I’ve served in the Secret Service Uniformed Division posted at the White House for 12 years, federal law enforcement for 29 years, but especially as a “F...

The Kavanaugh vs. Ford (or the Democratic vs. Republican SCOTUS confirmation) saga has set awful and colossal precedent. Dominoes will fall long after Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed or denied to the Supreme Court. This case speaks to the battle for the heart of the USA.


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