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March 3, 2017

Separating the fact from the fiction, I was a Law Enforcement Officer for 29 years in several major crime ridden cities and there are some myths we need to dispel if we are going to protect the law abiding good people when they are at home.

June 15, 2016

What is a Controlled Pair or Follow-Up Shot? How can we make it work for us and how does trigger control really work. We break it down and demonstrate it in this episode of Gary Byrne on YouTube.

May 17, 2016

Welcome to my channel! Here I'll be sharing tips, tricks, advice, insight, and how-to's on topics about concealed carry, federal law enforcement, the federal air marshal service, secret service, military police, and everything tactical, and much more thats not! As a Se...

May 17, 2016

Is the Practical Pistol Course antiquated? For The Federal Air Marshal Service, I'm here to say it is. I explain why the FBI conceived qualification course from 50 years ago isn't up to snuff to make sure our Air Marshals-- who have a very unique job-- need a higher st...

April 14, 2016

So often do I see the most basic of firearm fundamentals overlooked. Too often do we skip over or don't revisit the basics, especially of Grip--and course stance which I cover in this video too. Naturally they go hand in hand, pun intended. Safety is always #1 and with...

March 28, 2016

Firearms and lead go hand in hand. Unchecked, it can develop into lead poisoning which can especially be bad for pregnant women AND men trying for a baby. Here are some quick tips to keep the lead out of your life by Gary Byrne.

March 21, 2016

Don't over complicate one of the most important fundamentals of handgun marksmanship-- trigger control. It's one of the two most important but don't let it scare you. It's all about being smooth and in control. I break it down. Let me know what you think.

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