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Rifle Symbol Stencil Set, 2 Piece Set for Ammo Cans & More

The solution to ammo storage and organization is here! Easily seperate and organize your rifle and carbine ammunition with this simple stencil. Just place the stencils on the ammo can, spray, and you will never have to guess which ammo can holds what ammunition! Think of the time and frustration you will save! 


This is a 2 piece set. The small piece is 7 inches long and 2 inches wide and is used to mark the front, top, and back of most any ammo can. The larger piece is 8 inches long and 5 inches wide and is used to mark the sides. But your options are limitless. Use this stencil set to mark whatever you like!


The stencil kit is made of ABS plastic that won't melt or get mushy from spray paint or moisture which makes it lightyears better than cardboard, painters tape, or all of those frustrating stencil materials you've used in the past. We mail it, you place it, spray it, and you're all set! Its that easy to get organized. The stencils come in a variety of colors. The colors are random (since they will be covered in spray paint anyway.)


Every set is custom printed upon ordering. Simply place your order and we will print it and ship it. 


The stencils feature a 1/3 inch wide hole in the top right corner so you can hang them on pegboards. 


We can 3D print Ammo Can Stencils for whatever you like! We can print them with any caliber you like. Name a type of caliber in the a message and we can print it: 9MM, 380, 38SPC, 357SIG, 45ACP, 45Colt, 5.56, 2.23, 7.62x39, 7.62x51 or .308, 7.62x54, 30-06, 30-30, 300MAG, 50CAL, and more.  


Check back here for more stencils symbols and markings soon to come! 


DOMESTIC ORDERS ONLY INSIDE THE U.S. We will add a section later for international shipping but are unable to ship international at this time.