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THIN BLUE LINE Wrapped Crisis of Character, Signed

THIN BLUE LINE Wrapped Crisis of Character, Signed

As attacks on Law Enforcement increase, I wanted to give back. This gift is twofold. 1st, $10 (40%) of every purchase will be donated to the Stephen Siller Tunnels to Towers Foundation which takes care of first responders and Law Enforcement who need services and paid the ultimate sacrifice. 2nd, I wrote my book in 2016 because I wanted people to know what Law Enforcement goes through and the double threat we face: 1st, the threat from the outside from criminals which is obvious but the threat from inside from politicians and administration is more worse! 


Join me in giving the gift of giving back by purchasing your THIN BLUE LINE wrapped Crisis of Character, my memoir from my time as a police office in the Secret Service, that is signed by yours truly and can include a letter if you would like. 


Also, a Public Service Announcement: being a veteran Law Enforcement of 29 years, I know that when people want to give back they often send sweets and treats to departments and while generous, we frankly have an obesity problem. Consider sending a THIN BLUE LINE wrapped Crisis of Character or another book, restaurant gift card, home made gift, or some kind of healthy snack. 


Thanks for supporting my efforts in reforming and supporting Law Enforcement from the inside-out as well as the outside-in, bringing transparency, and crying out that character and morale matter! -Gary Byrne


For more information on Tunnels for Stephen Siller Tunnels for Towers Foundation visit:

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