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VINDICATION! Blue Dress Stained in Oval Office!

Well I'm feeling a bit vindicated these days!!! Too bad its only 30 years later. It would have helped me and my fellow Secret Service officers tremendously if she had admitted this from the start. 

From The Daily Mail Article, 'I thought it was spinach dip, nobody said I had stuff on my dress’: Monica Lewinsky opens up about THAT stain and reveals how Bill Clinton soiled her dress in Oval Office bathroom before she wore it out to dinner with friends by Chris Spargo:

"In one episode, which was viewed by the New York Post, Lewinsky says that she was not even aware the dress was stained and one point believed she had gotten spinach dip on the frock, as mentioned in The Starr Report. She also said that she got the stain after performing a sex act on the president in the Oval office bathroom,..."

Read the full article here:

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