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Pistol grip and stance basics, keeping it simple with Gary Byrne

So often do I see the most basic of firearm fundamentals overlooked. Too often do we skip over or don't revisit the basics, especially of Grip--and course stance which I cover in this video too. Naturally they go hand in hand, pun intended. Safety is always #1 and without a proper grip (revolver grip is slightly different) we can not ensure safe use. As a former Secret Service Instructor I know it's vital to "KISS" (keep it simple, stupid) when we cover the basics. You can always get more complicated and even philosophical later. But it's like I say to "nervous newbies," "don't focus on not failing; focus on succeeding." To succeed, we need to keep it simple starting out. That's what I do in this vid. Let me know what you think of the vid and what you want to see me talk about next!

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