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Just Started a Made In USA Amazon Influencer Storefront

Lots ask me for product recommendations since I've learned a thing or two being in federal law enforcement for 29 years, so I decided (with help) to create an Amazon Influencer shop where I recommend lots of products AND that are #MadeInTheUSA! I recently did a review of the KORE belts, which while they are a USA based business were in made in China which I didn't know. So in the future I'll be exclusively highlighting Made In The USA products and I hope you turn to my Amazon Storefront for curated Made In The USA gear. In doing so, you can get the gear you need and depend on AND support your fellow Americans. Its more important than ever. Let me know what other products that are made in our incredible country that I should add!? What other categories should I add? Any questions? #BugAmerican #MAGA #USA

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