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Don Lemon Lies And Insults Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino, Gary Byrne Responds

Don Lemon brought on Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino onto CNN only to berate him and use him as an anvil to pound on as CNN continues to be more overtly The Clinton News Network. As they defame Trump and disproportionately focus on Trump, they chose to completely ignore the illicit and immoral behavior of Clinton shown in her various scandals and backed up by hard evidence-- not just possibly insensitive or imprudent words. Don Lemon lied repeatedly when he said Hillary Clinton wasn't a "gun grabber" and that she was on the side of The 2nd Amendment and I'll break it down just as I have in my firsthand experience book working as a Secret Service Officer outside The Oval Office during the time of The Clintons in "Crisis of Character." What do you think? Do Secret Service personnel know better or should we leave analysis to that of CNN hosts? Let me know.

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