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Clintons Bad For Children, I'll Tell You Why

Ask any parent from the time and they'll remember in disgust of when they're kids came to them suddenly asking what these very adult sexual acts were-- and that was all to blame on The Clintons setting a horrible behavior. They can't be trusted with their young female staffers, to be transparent, to run government effectively, because they have horrible character and are more worried about brand management than whats right for the next generation. No one can skate the fact that HRC protected her husband as he lied to the country and The FBI as he sexually harassed members of his office going all the way back to Arkansas. We saw her repeat history in State Dept with a mismanaged office AND now we see the lewd wanton and child-services-worthy affront of Huma Abedin and Anthony Wiener. Its like we're stuck in a time machine and it's not ok. If we vote her in history will continue to repeat itself.

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