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Sweepstakes for "Secrets of the Secret Service" and other Great Books! #MemorialDayReads

Center Street, my publisher, is doing a sweepstakes of veterans-related books for Memorial Day 2018. I'm honored to have Secrets of the Secret Service alongside so many great authors and great books. I mean, my book alongside Kris "Tanto" Paranto's book, what did I do so right in life (or so very wrong)!? Humbled. Absolutely humbled. Follow me on Twitter @GaryByrneAuthor or on Facebook at and let me know if you won!

Is it weird that I feel a sense of competition in that I want a fan of mine to win? Maybe its just the competitiveness that military service and the Secret Service fostered? And if you enter to win, let me know which book you're most excited to read.


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