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Blast From Past Memo Reveals White House Security Problems Today

So... there's some backstory to the memo below and if you don't care for the story, just carry on and scroll down to read the memo below. This memo was not included in my most recent book The Secrets of the Secret Service, despite the fact that I felt it was vital to the thesis and was so important to myself and fellow Secret Service Uniformed Division Officers who served at the time of its release. The memo spoke for us and despite this was largely ignored. (As comic-bookish as the real name sounds for the Secret Service leadership's vision through the 80's and 90's) The "Master Plan" had a huge and negative impact on morale and our effectiveness. I searched and searched online and all over my house for this memo. This memo was a critical component to the book's thesis and explained much of the agency's failings today. Without the memo I found and dug up a wealth of information to support the thesis anyway and much of that can be found in the bibliography section of Secrets of the Secret Service. When speaking with my sources inside the agency, many from that era remember the memo vividly as we all felt it hit the nail on the head. After the book was released, I found the memo in my old gun safe with some of my most precious keepsakes from my time as a Secret Service Officer. As such, I've released the memo here so that history can be best explained and so solutions can be found by undoing the mistakes made in the past.

As far as I can see, this is the only place online this memo can be found. For context, explanation and commentary, see the article I've written on it.

The memo:

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