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Taking The Clintons To Court: The RICO Lawsuit

There were 3 major scandals of the 2016 election in which a major political candidate attempted to steal the 2016 election:

Second, the “Russia-Collusion Scandal,” whereby an elaborate network consisting of The Clinton Campaign hired Fusion GPS, a “political strategic intelligence firm,” to concoct a falsified “dossier” on the Trump campaign and then siphon it to corrupted FBI and Justice Department agents who then obtained a FISA warrant to investigate then-presidential candidate Donald Trump along with his legal counsel and his campaign. This investigation was then leaked to numerous media stations working on behalf of the Clinton campaign as if the investigation itself was evidence of corrupt behavior when in fact, the collusion crime originated and was perpetrated by the Clinton camp and their political plants.

But there is one lesser known scandal for which a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) lawsuit has been filed.

The RICO lawsuit targets the Clintons, The Clinton Campaign, major Clinton Super PACs, David Brock and Media Matters, Politico, Buzzfeed News, the LA Times, The Retired Secret Service Agents Association, and even the Secret Service. Because this lawsuit is bound to have a legal discovery of all parties involved, it is highly possible that it can bring about the most light to the Clinton’s pattern of criminal behavior and the ways in which they coordinate DC beltway “intelligence firms, Political Action Committees, politically motivated and planted law enforcement agents, political campaigns, biased media outlets.

In March of 2016, Federal Air Marshal Gary Byrne Byrne was set to retire from the Federal Air Marshal Service, just like any other federal employee. In 2003, Gary had transferred from the Secret Service Training Center where he worked as a firearms instructor and a Uniformed Division Officer. Prior to that, Gary was posted at E-6, the permanent posting of Uniformed Division Officers outside the Oval Office for which Gary had been compelled to testify by the Supreme Court against then-President Clinton for impeachment charges of perjury and other crimes. Due to the vindictive nature towards “whistleblowers” in the government, Gary would only tell his story once he retired in 2016, which coincided with the 2016 election and Hillary Clinton’s supposed “landslide” presidential bid. The book, titled Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Account of Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate was the first firsthand account of testifying against the Clintons during their impeachment scandal. It was deemed “explosive” and was set to derail Hillary Clinton’s campaign for weeks with Gary to appear on every major news outlet.

On June 20th, 2016, The Drudge Report, broke the story, “SECRET SERVICE OFFICER SET FOR TV INTERVIEWS; BROADCAST NETWORKS BLACKLIST.” Pre-orders of Crisis of Character reached 60,000 and jumped to the #1 selling book on Amazon, outselling Harry Potter And The Cursed Child. Trump immediately started tweeting important aspects of the book to the world and even later read from pages in his speeches.

How would the Clinton campaign respond? The same way they often did.

Behind the scenes, The Clinton campaign coordinated 3 false narratives via Politico, Buzzfeed News, and Media Matters. Only two outlets made an effort to contact Gary for a response, but did so disengenuously, calling his home phone instead of through his agent and doing so less than 2 hours before they were set for finalization. Gary was never given adequate time to formulate a response to their allegations. The goal was to put enough pressure on Center Street, the book’s publisher, to cancel the book. Each article spun a different narrative and strategically release them at the beginning of the week’s news cycle to create an illusion of widespread doubt. With the publisher holding firm to a signed affidavit of Gary’s integrity, The Clinton Machine had to settle for making the truth partisan as the book held its release date.

The Clinton campaign contacted The Secret Service— Gary’s former employer for dirt and to see if they would come out against Gary. Communication with the Secret Service through back channels was especially easy since numerous Clinton employees have married Secret Service higher-ups-- even one agent set to be the agency’s new director who was forcibly fired by Congress-- and of course, the Clinton’s and their residences are still protected by multiple Secret Service details. The Secret Service, instead of inserting themselves directly, gave information and the greenlight to The Association of Former Agents of the United States Secret Service (AFAUSSS), a non-profit that helps retired agents find further employment to issue an immediate statement.

The campaign then put them in contact with Politico writer Edward-Isaac Dovere. He then wrote an article headlined, “Secret Service Veterans Denounce Anti-Clinton Tell-All Book.” The corresponding twitter post from Edward-Isaac read, “Trump just quoted anti-Clinton author Gary Byrne, taking him at his word he was posted outside the Oval. He wasn’t:” and included a link to his own politico article. The article wrote, “On Tuesday, AFAUSS, which is strictly nonpartisan, is set to release a statement blasting Gary Byrne author of ‘Crisis of Character,’ saying members ‘strongly denounce’ the book, which they add has made security harder by eroding the trust between agents and the people they protect.” The article continued, “Byrne was a uniformed officer in Bill Clinton’s White House. But that’s the lowest level of protection within the White House and around the president. People familiar with West Wing security laugh at the idea that Byrne or any uniformed officer ever would have walked in on Bill Clinton anywhere… The Secret Service presidential detail would have stopped him.”

The Politico article’s rapid and insulting claims were unchecked by anyone within the Secret Service Uniformed Division and were readily false with any research into the Secret Service and it’s highly venerable Uniformed Division. Here’s how easy it is to debunk the article:

  • There is video footage of Gary Byrne on post at the White House outside the Oval Office speaking to President Clinton and then-White House Communications Director George Stephanopoulos in his office adjoining the president’s office. Officer Byrne even advises President Clinton not to enter George’s office because two documentarians were interviewing George. In a world of “fake news,” settling the truth can’t be any more obvious.

  • AFAUSS’ “statement” was never actually fully publicly released. The only mention of it publicly is the Politico article.

  • AFAUSS received the green light to defame via the Secret Service, as was announced through private message board of the association.

  • AFAUSS according to it’s bylaws should have brought the decision to a vote and instead made a sudden executive decision to ignore the bylaws to make the damaging statement before the book’s release. So AFAUSS’ own claim that numerous former employees were furious over the book’s release was false, since its own membership was not given a chance to interject. If they had, many would have fought back against the statement denigrating the Uniformed Division, since many of its members are former Uniformed Division Officers.

  • The agents and officers of the Secret Service have a longstanding rivalry going back to the 1920’s and is one major factor as to why The Secret Service is rated 305 out of 305 in terms of work place morale, making it the worst place to work in the federal government. The author’s article, knowingly or unknowingly, created a tool for bigotry whereby agents denigrate their colleagues publicly.

  • The posting in question was E-6, a permanent posting which has been around since before Pearl Harbor and is manned 24/7/365 by a Uniformed Division Officer whether the president is there or not. That officer is responsible for locking and unlocking all doors, maintaining the alarms, ensuring classified materials are secured— including on The President’s desk— and has all the “equipment” necessary to defend and treat the Oval Office occupants, including the president, from a multitude of serious attacks. It is unknown as to whether most agents even know of the duties of each Secret Service Uniformed Division Officer’s posting.

Christopher Massie of Buzzfeed News ran with an article comparing testimony from the Ken Starr Investigation, specifically to one of Gary’s video-taped depositions now publicly available on C-SPAN, to articles reporting revelations from Crisis of Character, despite Massie admittedly not having a copy himself. If he had a copy of the memoir, he would have found the explanations for his alleged contradictions right in the book. The book explains how the grand jury system was designed to put duress on the Secret Service Officers, corruptly exclude Presidential Division agents from ever testifying as if they were nowhere to be found while President Clinton was fornicating in the White House, and the writer never contacted or conceived that any decent lawyer would advise a client to volunteer instances outside a specific question. All questions from the Starr Investigation into President Clinton’s crimes were required to ask about specific dates. For example, while one instance involving Gary dealt with semen stains and another lipstick stains. One issue dealt with tissues and another with towels. Gary had been advised never to correct or steer the prosecution if they ever used ambiguous language or incorrectly referred to towels and tissues as if they were one and the same.lThat could have been easily cleared up for Massie, if he had made a sincere effort to contact Gary for comment, giving him more than two hours on a Sunday, and contacting him through the legitimate avenue of Gary’s literary agent.

3rd, David Brock of Media Matters put out bulleted points denigrating the book and the author and even attempted to defame the book’s ghost-writer, the book’s editor, and even the publisher, as if they were all shills (Brock’s word) for The Republican Party or Trump, which was patently false, if even extremely thin, vague and weak. It was this Media Matters article and the one’s that followed that served as the talking points for numerous outlets as they blacklisted Gary, despite openly discussing and denouncing Crisis of Character.

Fox News, Fox Business, ABC, and numerous radio and online networks as well as shows such as Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Varney & Co., Inside Edition, and more invited Gary on to discuss the allegations and revelations in the book but but CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and shows like The Young Turks— all of which spent numerous segments weighing in, blacklisted former Secret Service Officer Gary Byrne.

Even The View devoted at three separate segments to Crisis of Character, but never once reached out to Byrne for comment or invited him to speak on his own defense. Once again, the Clinton campaign had succeeded in making the truth partisan.

Crisis of Character was written to get the truth out, provide a first person perspective into the monumentally important Clinton era and their impeachment. It remains the only firsthand Secret Service perspective into what is know sexistly referred to as “The Monica Lewinsky Scandal,” as if the victim, who in her own words referred to the illicit affair with the president as “less-than consensual,” was to blame.

The book’s success was highly partisan and it’s initial intention of clearing the air for historical record had been undermined and thwarted. By selling around half a million copies, it was the most popular and influential book on Hillary Clinton and the Clintons of the 2016 year outselling Clinton Cash, Hillary Clinton’s own flop memoir What Happened. The only exception to it’s influence was perhaps 13 Hours a movie adaptation of the CIA GRS operatives’ joint memoir, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Beghazi which indirectly served as a mirror to Hillary Clinton’s professional competence.

And yet by the time Crisis of Characters rollout year had passed, most of the statutes of limitations for defamation cases throughout the country had passed. After, Gary wrote, published, and rolled out Secrets of the Secret Service: The History and Uncertain Future of the U.S. Secret Service, all of the statutes of limitations for defamation had passed. And yet, with 2018 nearing it’s end, the attempts to steal the presidency still linger diving the country more than ever. It’s as if the 2016 election never ended. It is as if the Clinton campaign and conspirators are conducting a “cold” coup.

Bernie Sanders will never seek justice against the DNC stealing the nomination from the Sanders campaign for the Clinton camapaign. The “Russia-Collusion” scandal is completely mired in conjecture and multiple justice department, FBI, and congressional investigations for which public discovery will be kept from the public for years to come and the excuse is, ‘all evidence relates to an ongoing investigation.’ But fmr. Secret Service Officer and Author Gary Byrne’s RICO suit against those who conspired to shut down his first book is the only promise of a discovery process and justice for the public.

Gary’s lawyers have started a GoFundMe campaign, titled “Friends of Gary Byrne (former USSS)” to compensate for costs of which Gary Byrne receives no compensation other than the prospect of having his day in court. If he was lying, discovery would work against him. If he is telling the truth, the trial would be explosive. In his words, “It’s time for the truth to be non-partisan, for history and the truth to be aligned as one, and for this cold-coup d’é·tat to be over once and for all.”

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