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5 Stories MSM missed on Jussie Smollett Alleged Fraud

Above photo from Fox News article Jussie Smollett says he's 'pissed off' after alleged attack in Chicago by Nicole Darrah of Fox News. Below photo credit to Lee Celano, Reuters / Landov

1) Real crimes will receive less police and city attention because of re-allocated resources to the Jussie Smollett case.

With the city of Chicago in dire economic straits, Chicago has one of the smallest per capita police forces for a major metropolitan city and has one of the smallest percentages of detectives in the city. Not only does the evidence appear to be showing that Jussie Smollett has committed a fraud, but with all of the national attention that this case is garnering it is almost certain that detectives have invested greater resources and manpower into this fake case then real cases in a very dangerous city. Chicago is one of the top cities for robberies, gang violence, and more. This is a crime in and of itself and if true, Jussie Smollett should be prosecuted to the fullest and harshest extent of the law as he robbed normal citizens of their right to justice. It is very possible that criminals will get away with crimes because Jussie Smollett swallowed up so much of the city's resources.

2) Believe him or don't, this story highlights self-defense and police state issues.

Chicago is one of the most violent cities in the United States. Under Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a very leftist born-in-the-wool modern Democrat, his administration sought to do everything they could to lower the crime rate without surrendering to the proven method of most modern metropolitan cities: recognizing the people's constitutional rights to defend themselves if they so choose. Instead, Mayor Emanuel and the Democrat leadership went heavy-handed with the police state. Even the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) sued the city over the minority report-like strategy of predicting and intervening with 'future criminals.' The city has also installed thousands upon thousands of cameras run by the City in the city of Chicago. The camera footage is now a crucial aspect of this case, but many have not thought to question how (if the hate crime did happen) how Chicago's anti-self defense stance and police-state played a roll in the alleged hate crime. Criminals often target travelers because they know that in a city like Chicago, those travelers have no ability to defend themselves, short of hiring private security bodyguards. So if Smollett is alone the city, criminals will know he has no means of legally defending himself.

During this alleged crime, Chicago was experiencing a one in a lifetime polar vortex. The night of the alleged attack it was -18 degrees out. Almost literally Jussie Smollett and these two other Empire actors where the only people walking the streets of Chicago! The two white MAGA hat wearing attackers carrying bleach and a noose that Jussie Smollett describes are nowhere to be found in the entire city. With no one on the streets of Chicago anybody stands out! Yet they quite literally don't exist.

So the story the mainstream media missed is: if true, should we be talking about the ability for interstate workers, such as actors like Jussie Smollett to be able to defend themselves as they travel between states. And no matter what shakes out, shouldn't we also be reflective about a city that is simultaneously so incredibly dangerous and yet is watching you from a distance 24/7/365? Because, if this attack is true, it proves Chicago cannot protect its inhabitants.

3. If this is fraud, Jussie Smollet had major political motivations.

While most of the mainstream media is quick to speculate from dawn till dusk on President Trump's motivations for every tweet and decision, it seems that no one is speculating on Jessie Smollett's motivations for this fraud. Why?

From Smollett's Instagram and other interviews since the incident, we know he is very politically active against the president and ascribes to the #resistance movement.

So how did this alleged fraud serve him? It is clear that in Democratic and leftist circles, the greater victimization a person can purport to have experienced based on "intersectionality" the greater that person's political capital is. "Intersectionality" is a term used to describe how one label of victimized minority added to another creates a superior victimhood status, as if 1+1=3. In Jussie Smollett's case, he identifies as black. He also identifies as gay. In leftist circles, instead of being judged based on his character, behavior, or the validity of his ideas, he is judged high on the totem pole simply for being a "black, gay man."

To leftists, identity, not character or behavior, is political ammo. This is a complete reversal of the succinct mission that Martin Luther King gave for this country of judging people by their character and not by the color of their skin. Democrats today ask us to judge by people's labels: sexuality, race, religion, politics, country of origin, etc. For example, they say that unless someone is a woman or identifies as a woman, they feel that men cannot comment on the issue of abortion.

It's difficult for Republicans to have the same conversation with Democrats on important issues and not stoop to the same level of identity politics as Democrats. Yet still we must try to judge people by their character and not by their intersectionality.

Jussie Smollett was not content with the extremely promising career he had as a rising actor on an extremely popular show or with his extremely lavish paycheck. No, he wanted more. With the political capital of being a black gay person (and it would have been even better if he was a woman or identified as such in the leftist mindset), he had a lot of political capital. But if we believed he was the victim of a hate crime that targeted him because he was black, gay Democrat Resistance Champion and if the perpetrators were MAGA hat wearing white male Trump supporters, then he would have supercharged his leftist political value to the highest levels! He would be a leftist lightning rod on the world stage.

In a flash, he would have transitioned from a promising gay black actor to a national Democratic figure head. He would have been one of the most powerful people to stand against Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, and Trump supporters because he could wave the torch of being the greatest victim. Thats what Jussie Smollett wanted and the mainstream media's omission of at least analyzing possible motivations just as they do for conservatives speaks volumes as to their bias. Which brings us to missed story #4:

4) There is a pattern of behavior of false flags that Democrats need to answer for.

These false flags of victimization are then picked up by the mainstream media and Democrats to shut up Republican ideas, lambaste conservatives, they are, and of course it is the resistance movements singular goal to eliminate "45." Jussie Smollett referred to President Donald Trump as 45 because he hates the man so much that he cannot even utter his name, like Voldemort from Harry Potter. This is hate pure and simple. Jussie Smollett's goal was to indict half of America as the "deplorables," just as Hillary Clinton used that term. But in one month's time we have had:

  • the Covington Catholic School boys hoax,

  • the Kavanaugh sex assault hoax, and now the

  • Jussie Smollett hoax.

The pattern of behavior here is that many leftists hate the opposing political view (half of America) and hate the founding principles of America so much that they are seeking the ammunition to substantiate their hate but they cannot find the tragedy that would unite them.

To this day many leftists accused Donald Trump of being homophobic and yet there is zero substantiation for that claim.

And so they are desperate and vengeful. So desperate in fact they are willing to perpetuate three major news hoaxes in just one month. Before they can adequately apologize for one, they jump to the next.

5) And if you think this is crazy, just wait because if experience tells us anything, it's about to get even crazier. Just as the previous frauds (Kavanaugh, Covington School, and now Smollett) will the Democrats who politicized this as a mondern day "lynching," as presidential candidate Corey Booker said, will they ever apologize? Will they ever take a moment for self reflection, introspection, and recognize that demonizing half the country is having casualties?

We'll have to wait and see but I wouldn't hold your breath. Based on my experience, my prediction is that Smollett will not be held accountable. Democrats who pushed this story as a modern day lynching and indictment on half the population will not be held accountable. And worse, they will jump to the next orchestrated outrage in just a week's time.

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