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Russian-Trump Collusion? Nope Hoax? Nope. A Coup? Absolutely.

There are two narratives in the media regarding the biggest scandal of our lifetime or perhaps in all of American history. Depending on the media outlets you subscribe to, the left calls this the “Russian-Trump Collusion Scandal” and, well, what after all should the rest of America and later historians call this thing? Is this mess the “Russian-Trump Collusion Hoax” or the “Russian-Trump Collusion Fraud”? No. This should be called what it has been revealed to be: a coup. This was a coup. We are living in the midst of America’s first full-fledged coup.

If you are my age you may recall the coup on Egyptian President Anwar Al-Sadat. Broadcasted on TV’s worldwide, we watched Egyptian President Sadat hosting a public PR event and suddenly several traitorous soldiers arrived in trucks, threw grenades and fired automatic rifles at the President and into the crowd. It was a bloody assassination by the military. That’s what an Egyptian coup looks like, fast, brutal, and explicit.

[Photo of the assassination and coup of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, 1981]

This was an American coup. It’s slow, drawn out, and has become so increasingly convoluted that half the country thinks Donald Trump is like savior Winston Churchill or genocidal fascist dictator Adolf Hitler. One half, vocalized by Congressmen Maxine Waters and Democrat billionaire funded “Need to Impeach” political lobby, is enlisted into believing a coup-de-ta would be a just cause and the president should be impeached by any means. Democrats are following in the footsteps of 1960’s era Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy; they see Russian agents behind every corner!

Just as Democrats held Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to a Democrat Party imposed standard of ‘guilty until proven innocent’ for the allegations of sexual assault and even gang rape, the Trump administration is being held to this standard. But if the Mueller Report can’t satisfy this Democrat Party standard they have for Republicans what can? Newsflash, that’s literal fascism.

Democrats, like FBI agents Carter Page and former Director James Comey, are willing to stretch the laws and the War On Terror’s Patriot Act secret FISA “Court” to reveal what Democrats are already convinced of: Donald Trump underhandedly stole the election via the Electoral College, “colluded” with the Russians to steal the election with Russian social media advertisements of “fake news,” and used prejudiced fear mongering to galvanize the fascist patriarchy within our country. And they believe for anyone to dissent to this dogma is to be a partaker of the tyranny.

But all that Democrats need, all that stands in their way, is a lack of evidence. Special Counsel Robert Mueller was supposed to provide that evidence. Attorney General William Barr summarized the report and declared there is no evidence for conspiracy, collusion, or obstruction. But Democrats have moved the goal post and hope that buried in Mueller’s sealed 300-page report is at least some evidence to impugn, hamper, and even impeach President Trump. But if past behavior is an indicator of future behavior, will they be satisfied or will they move the goal post?

Many high-ranking Democrats said they had ample explicit evidence that Trump was not just a colluder, but a blackmailed Russian asset, or even an official Russian agent, a planted pawn directly and explicitly doing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s bidding, like a dog on a leash, like Angelina Jolie’s character from Salt or even The Manchurian Candidate. They said they had the evidence. Head of the Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff and former CIA Director John Brennan said they had this intelligence!

The much hyped Mueller Report was set to end the debate. Both Republicans and Democrats agreed Special Counsel Robert Mueller should conduct his investigation, report his findings, and both sides would have to accept the findings.

Only Republicans following Dan Bongino or Judicial Watch urged President Trump to end the charade. But Trump did not as he wanted Robert Mueller, the diety of the Democrats, to let them down easy.

Now we see the difference between Republicans and Democrats in this mess: Republicans hold the standard of “innocent until proven guilty” while Democrats hold the standard of “guilty until proven innocent.” But after Mueller’s report, we see a key difference: Republicans were on the side of the truth.

Mueller’s extensive, 2-year, multi-million dollar man-hunt that included hundreds of subpoenas, interviews, and executed search warrants, even midnight SWAT team raids found nothing regarding the original charges. Was Mueller a slouch? Did he have attention deficit disorder? Was he a bum or fool? We know he didn’t hesitate to use evidence gleamed from FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrants on suspected foreign agents that garnered evidence of crimes perpetrated by Americans General Mike Flynn, Roger Stone, George Papadapolous and Michael Cohen. Those crimes were lying to investigators in a casual conversation without an attorney present, making false statements to the FBI, income tax evasion, witness tampering in the investigation and again making false statements to Congress related to the investigation. But those crimes had nothing to do with the investigation’s origin of conspiracy to rig the election or commit acts on behalf of any foreign government. Had the investigation not existed in the first place, with the exception of income tax evasion, those crimes wouldn’t have existed in the first place. Many have levied the charge of entrapment against the Mueller team.

So do the Democrats accept the outcome of the Mueller Report? No. Do they apologize for the investigation which turns out was indeed a witch hunt into allegations that were now proven false or at best unsubstantiated? No. Instead they double down. Will Republicans now double down?

Now Democrats want the full 300-page report released. Oddly, they don’t claim Mueller to be compromised by the alleged Putin-lead espionage— but they want to see the evidence so they can make the conclusions for themselves. Clearly they seek to further convolute the scandal in the public’s eye to further divide the country for their own favor. Commentators, such as MSNBC’s Joy Reid says, “It feels like the seeds of a coverup are here.”

Ironically for Democrats this ongoing accusation of Trump being a Russian colluder or agent now indicts Mueller as a Russian colluder or agent— how could it not? They can’t have it both ways! Either Mueller is a decent investigator and the President is not guilty or Mueller and Trump are in on it together?

Mueller was supposed to have ended the debate, but now the country is faced with an evolution to this scandal: either Trump somehow covered up his crimes of conspiring with Russia and got Mueller to be complicit in a coverup OR former President Obama, Candidate Hillary Clinton, and this “Deep State” of Democrat operatives inside the government created the investigation into Candidate and now President Trump to cover for their own conspiratorial crimes with Russia. Only one scenario can be true.

As for the Republicans…

Whether Republicans would have accepted a 2016 election loss, an economic downturn, or the Mueller Report finding guilt is a matter of pure worthless conjecture. The Republicans didn’t lose, so getting in the weeds of that hypothetical is not even slightly productive. What they do now is the major question.

What Republicans cannot do is concede that this scandal was just a whoopsie-daisy. This was a coup and they need to use that language because it best reflects what actually occurred.

It’s time we have a proper special counsel just like Robert Mueller who investigates the origins of this witch hunt and coup. We now from the testimony and words of Lisa Page and Peter Strzok’s “insurance policy” should Trump win the election and how evidence shows that former President Obama wanted to be informed every step of the way; how James Comey and Loretta Lynch cleared Hillary Clinton of the “matter” aka crimes before they even interviewed her and they did so with kid gloves; how former CIA Director John Brennan called Trump a traitor based on “evidence;” how Adam Schiff used his position to state emphatically that Trump was a Russian agent based on evidence he was privy to due to his position.

These are emphatically crimes far beyond defamation. Having been in the Secret Service, I spoke in my books Crisis of Character and Secrets of the Secret Service how many mentally or emotionally unstable regular Americans can be pushed to throw themselves suicidally at the White House and at the Secret Service in attempt to please celebrity “soft” endorsements of violence, be it Robert DeNiro’s or Joe Biden’s talk of punching Trump in the face or talking him out back and teaching him a lesson. But this talk from a CIA Director and a head of the Intelligence Committee stating emphatically that based on evidence they are privy to from their job that unequivocally the president is a Russian agent encourages violence, if not revolt. This is dangerous. Having dealt firsthand with such unstable people at the White House fence line, I can tell you it costs lives. People die.

So here are some recommendations, some marching orders:

The FISA warrants and the “Dirty Docier” need to be released for Americans see and for historians to make sense of.

1. Republicans must ask of Democrats what will satisfy their lust to undo losing the 2016 election? What will satisfy their deep seated belief that America’s President is an illegitimate imposter? And then hold them to that.

Stephen Colbert said, “This weekend we we received some troubling news: Our President is not a Russian asset.” Colbert is honestly echoing the sentiment of the Democrats!

CNN Commentator Van Jones said, “There is an honest level of sadness, disappointment, and disorientation among progressives and Democrats and I think it goes deeper than just you know what’s in the report.”

Here’s the Democrat’s double standards: If the 2016 election had swung for Hillary Clinton, the Democrats would have accepted it, but it didn’t and they still don’t. They predicted Trump would sink the economy into “Armageddon,” said Pelosi. It rose ‘bigly,’ but they don’t attribute the success to Trump. If the Mueller Report found evidence of guilt, Democrats would have run with it, but it didn’t and so they don’t. Can we ever hope Democrats and their in-line media to pause, reflect, and change their behavior now that Mueller’s investigation found no crimes, the economy is booming, and Trump won fair and square? Where will this behavior lead the country? Honest question.

2. Republicans at the least need to start calling this what it was: a coup.

3. Republicans need to push as hard as it takes to get the truth out so that there can be no dispute. Historians will either write in history textbooks that this was a great mystery, that Donald Trump may have been a traitor, or that this was a coup. For all Americans to be united, we need the truth. Only that can set us free. For instance, the Joe McCarthy’s “Red Scare,” was Joe McCarthy correct or was he abusing his position to gain power and ruining lives to do it? History has concluded. We need that conclusion.

4. As the Americans who were prosecuted, in most instances, only committed crimes related to the investigation’s creation— which was corrupt from the start and should never have existed if not for the “dirty docier” and corrupted FISA process— Trump must pardon these men who have had their lives unnecessarily ruined.

5. Once this next investigation is taken to the bitter end into the corrupt FISA warrant and “dirty docier” origins, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Clinton’s “Tarmac meeting,” the Clinton Foundation’s pay-to-play “Uranium One” corrupt dealings, and Lisa Page’s “Plan B” coup all need to be flushed out like an enema., Republicans must have the stomach to press criminal charges. If there is guilt of treason, try the perpetrators, and where warranted fully extend the arm of the law even if that means capitol punishment, be it Hillary Clinton or former President Barack Obama who started this coup, so this never happens again.

No quarter.

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