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Fan Question Answered: FMJ vs. JHP aka "Hollowpoints" and how test any ammo yourself

If you have a question you want answered, just reach out through my website or send me a message through Facebook. I aim to be very responsive and often look to fans and followers for the content of future videos. So if you have a question want answered, ask me, and it may be the focus of a future video.

So the question was whether hollowpoints are always the right option for defensive use or if there is a time to use full metal jackets or training ammunition for defense. And then, with so many options on the market, what do I recommend?

Here's my answer, JHP's (Jacketed Hollow Points) is typically the best way to go-- and by far! With so many options on the market you're going to want to know how to discern ammo that's going to work for you and why. So with this video I give you the knowledge of how to discern AND how to test ammo yourself-- and as always "KISS" (Keep It Simple, Stupid) works the best.

Here's the video:

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